Home Remodeling

Home renovation is a detailed process that requires thought.
We take the time to thoroughly understand what our clients are looking for in order to deliver the best results. We will work with you through the entire planning process. Doing this we can help you realize the design, structural requirements and numerous other elements involved in your build to streamline time-frames.
We like make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible for you and genuinely care about your experience with us, and the finished product. We believe this is the key to our success and we always go the extra mile.                                                                        Working with a local company has benefits not found elsewhere .

Why Choose Us

At Above Board Builders we understand that making decisions about a home renovation project can be stressful. So we approach every build or project with the concept of saving you time and worry, through mutual cooperation, idea sharing, and when needed, engaging an affordable professional designer with advanced knowledge, or a highly skilled Engineer or architect.
We are always developing our methods and incorporating them into the standards and details that make our projects both creative and attractive.
This includes determining the best materials to use being mindful of each client’s budget.
By using quality suppliers, we can provide the best materials in each price point currently available with competitive pricing. We demand quality from everyone involved, including vendors, employees, Materials suppliers or other tradesmen we deal with.
This commitment is ultimately reflected in the work product that we produce which will certainly exceed your expectations.

Small Projects - Leave it to Us

Above Board Builder’s focus, is upon providing renovation and remodeling services to local owners.

We realize that small construction projects can have all the same challenges of a full scale build out, and usually require tighter timelines and most often have equally smaller budgets.

This is where our renovation experience can make all the difference, helping you to find solid solutions without breaking the budget.

Service After The Sale

By choosing Above Board Builders for all your home Remodeling needs, should you encounter a problem with our work or products, you the have peace of mind that we will promptly address any concerns. We will also help to resolve any issues with product suppliers, as we do every installation in compliance with each manufactures recommendations or better, to secure your warranty rights. We want to be the first name you think of whether you are in need of carpentry and remodeling services or referring someone to a quality company with personal service.

Our Guarantee

Above Board Builders is dedicated to quality. All work we perform comes with a minimum 1 year warranty.
If we install it and you have a problem from our workmanship, we will repair or replace our defective work within your warranty period free of charge.

All structural work is performed in compliance with the latest Florida Building Codes, and carries a 10 year warranty regarding any defective work.
We strive to provide peace of mind for our clients.